Archived News for November 2005:
I forgot to post this yesterday, but I have updated my Youmacon pictures page with pictures from Friday. Unfortunatly, either because of the way I took the pictures, the lighting, or the camera being crap, they came out looking very bad for most of them, so I've only posted the ones which are halfway decent. And I'm going to try to not use a normal camera at next year's Youmacon.
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:21pm -0500 on 11-21-2005
OK, I've got enough pictures up now to show them to everyone. Youmacon 2005 was a blast, I just can't reiterate it enough. I urge as many people as I can to go to it next year if they are able to do so. If the first year went so well, next year should go very well as well.
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:54am -0500 on 11-15-2005
Kinda about 8 hours delayed, but better than no report. I've posted a page that shows what I REALLY did while at Youmacon 2005. I also have pictures, but at the moment, I'm going to wait before posting the pictures up to the public.
Posted by CyberBotX at 2:19am -0500 on 11-14-2005
OK, I still need to put this up somewhere, but due to a problem where my cell phone completely screws up the size of the image, the animation comes out looking all wrong and unreadable on my cell phone. But here: Cellphone Comic 1. I'll probably revise it in the future when I'm bored enough to find out a good size to really use to make it look right on my cell.
Posted by CyberBotX at 2:29am -0500 on 11-11-2005
Tomorrow is the first day of Youmacon 2005, an anime convention here in Detroit, Michigan (actually, it's in Troy, but that's part of metropolitan Detroit). I will be attending it for all 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, if you want to meet me and you live in Detroit, or you are able to come here in the next day, I'll be there. I have also uploaded the events I will be attending. It's located here: My Youmacon 2005 Schedule. I'm mainly going because Dave Anez, author of the webcomic Bob & George, is attending it as a guest. I'm going to be taking pictures and posting them after I get them developed.

Also, later today, I will be making a new "avatar" comic. Now, I'm quoting avatar because it's not going to be for my forum avatar. It's actually going to go on my cell phone, and I'm going to be showing it off to people while I'm at Youmacon.
Posted by CyberBotX at 2:27pm -0500 on 11-10-2005

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