Archived News for August 2005:
Well, I went through the site and converted it to use more CSS and less HTML. I'm happy with the result. The pages are now smaller by a bit, which should save me bandwidth, and they still look just fine. Only problem is that Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like the CSS grouping syntax I used for the table rows and cells. So in IE, most of the tables are missing borders on the inside of the table only. Not that big a deal, but still big enough that I want to recommend to people to stop using IE unless they are stuck with it. There are tons of good browsers out there that are just as standards compliant and also better than IE. As far as HTML, IE6 is standards compliant, but far from it when it comes to CSS. That's my bit on it, anyways.

I've also been making a few slight changes to some pages. Most notable is the FFRPG logs pages. Those pages now show the information about the log at the top of the page, including links to get back to the session listing for each player in that session. Very nice, I think. :P
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:34am -0400 on 8-28-2005
I've removed the Google ads from all the pages because of a few reasons. One would be that they slowed down the loading of the pages overall. Another is that I've made almost nothing off of them. I consider $4 in 2 months to be nothing. Lastly, it was kinda a pain to have them in the way on some of the pages, and some pages looked better without the ads. So, no more Google ads.
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:10pm -0400 on 8-24-2005
Bet you thought you'd never see me say this again, but... I'VE MADE A NEW ANIMATION, RAWR!!! Yes indeed, I made a new animation. It's an avatar comic. It probably would've been #12 if I hadn't be lazy with #11, so this one is #11, and what I was doing for #11 has been pushed back to #12.

Added: CBX Avatar Comic #11.
Posted by CyberBotX at 11:13pm -0400 on 8-22-2005
I just got back from my trip in Jordan. Actually, I got back about 7 hours ago, but ignore that. It was fun, obviously a lot different than the United States, that's for sure. Anyways, about what I did for the site.. I fixed up the webpages, but made no new animations. Yes, I know I said I would. But it wasn't very easy working on my dad's laptop and I got bored easily.

But I did get inspired to make some animations from the Final Fight series. You all should remember that series. Basic fighting game, you go through the levels hitting the bad guys, who have their own health bars while you have yours, and you have to kill them all. Fun fun fun. I suck at them so I cheat to get unlimited lives. <.< Shut up to all of you who think cheating it bad. I DON'T CARE! :P
Posted by CyberBotX at 9:12pm -0400 on 8-18-2005
Well, kinda a notice in a way. I'm going overseas to Jordan for up to a month. Since I know I might have a few times where I'm bored, I'm taking a laptop with me, so maybe I can finally work on some of these animations I've been putting a hold on. We'll see what happens though. :P
Posted by CyberBotX at 11:40am -0400 on 8-10-2005

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