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Well, I'm not making a real update yet, but I did FINALLY get my stuff. My computer was fine, save for the video card being killed and my needing to disect another machine's video card to get mine to work, but I still don't have Internet access at home. The whole moving experience was just awful, but I won't go into many details yet.
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:50pm -0400 on 8-31-2004
Kinda a bad update here. I still don't have my stuff like I should have had them 2 days ago. The stupid moving company has had more issues. Apparently there was a fire with another shipment that was in the same trailer as our stuff. Luckily, none of our stuff is damaged (save for smoke damage), but the truck isn't getting on the road until today because they were putting another shipment with ours after they moved our stuff to a new trailer. I can't wait till all this is over and we have all our stuff back.
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:04pm -0400 on 8-20-2004
Well, I thought I'd let everyone know that I am doing fine. My family and I have left Phoenix, AZ and are now in Detroit, MI. I thought I'd let you all know how my trip went. Now, before I get started, for all you non-USA people, when I say I-<number>, it means US Interstate Freeway <number>. It's just our way of making it shorter to say.

First, the brief description of the move. We left Phoenix around early afternoon on Wed, 8-4-2004. We took the I-17 North into Flagstaff, AZ, where we switched to the I-40 East. From there, we went until we got to Albuquerque, NM, ending our first day on the road. Next day, we stayed on the I-40 until we got to Oklahoma City, OK, where we switched onto the I-44 East. We took that until Joplin, MO, ending our second day. Next day, we took I-44 until we got into St. Louis, MO, switching to I-70 East. We took that until we go to Indianapolis, IN, switching to I-69 North. We took that to I-94 East close to Lansing, MI, and from there we got into Detroit. We've been staying at a relative's place for the past week. We still don't have our stuff.

Now, for the details. I turned off my computer and disconnected everything on Mon, 8-2-2004, thinking that the moving company my dad went with, Discount Moving, would be there to start packing. Apparently, something else happened and they didn't come out on Monday. Now, the next day, some of their workers did come out, but apparently, they were told they were only doing inventory and wrapping, no packing. When they found out we wanted it packed too, they did bring out a truck. But because of those miscomunications, they didn't finish. My dad was upset by this, but allowed them to wait till Wednesday to finish packing. They did finish and that's when we left Phoenix. The trip to Detroit is as described above. Now, our stuff most likely should've come into Detroit only a few days after we got into Detroit on Sat, 8-7-2004. But I found out that when the truck got to St. Louis, it's transmission blew. It was stuck there for a few days, and finally got back on the road again on Thurs, 8-12-2004. We expected it by the weekend, but now they decided to do another shipment at the same time and we won't have our stuff until Wed, 8-18-2004. :/

Talk about delays. I'm not too happy with this moving company my dad went with. I would not recommend them, they were very unprofessional. Anyways, the cable company will be at our new house this Thursay (would've been tomorrow if it wasn't for the additional delay by the moving company.) and then I'll be online from my own PC. Currently, I've been using my cousin's PC. I kinda don't like it because well... it's not mine.
Posted by CyberBotX at 7:25pm -0400 on 8-16-2004

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