Archived News for July 2003:
So I lied about doing the walking Kirby animations last night. Anyways, I updated all the walking Kirby animations to be the correct speeds, for most of them anyways. Unfortunatly, the Ice, Plasma, Fire, and Mirror ones were not as easy to change. Only the Fire one has no change. The others do. But you will still see the other three being off sync from the rest. Nothing I can do about that, since I made my page IE-friendly and IE messes with GIF frame times.
Posted by CyberBotX at 6:19am -0400 on 7-09-2003
Updated with the final 6 running Kirby animations:

Added: Kirby Running - Wheel, Jet, Suplex, Hammer, Ninja, and Normal.

Also, as I type this, I am going to be taking the walking Kirby animations and correcting them.
Posted by CyberBotX at 5:02am -0400 on 7-08-2003
Another update. And I don't know if you noticed, but the counters have images now. And those images are picked at random from a group of 5 sets of images. :) I really like it. ^_^ Anyways...

Added: Kirby Running - Mirror.
Posted by CyberBotX at 4:41am -0400 on 7-07-2003

Went on a Kirby animation spree! Too bad I started doing other non-animation things and lost the groove for the night. Yes, night. It's still 3:48a here, and I usually sleep around this time. I work late. >.>

Added: Kirby Running - Beam, Fighter, Parasol, & Stone.
Posted by CyberBotX at 6:49am -0400 on 7-07-2003

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