Archived News for March 2004:
Nothing major to report, just made a small update to the counter script, took out some redundant stuff and modified the image creator script to add an extra pixel of space between each digit so they aren't touching each other.
Posted by CyberBotX at 9:03pm -0500 on 3-26-2004
Added: CBX Avatar Comic #6.

I'm eventually going to make a website for all my avatar comics, something seperate, along with some non-animated versions for the impatient type. :)
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:19am -0500 on 3-21-2004
I've added a link to a comic called Pina Colada to the Additional Links. This is a comic done by The_Capn & Six of Bob & George's fan community. I have yet to give them the comment form that Outside or Age of the Magi have, but that can change.
Posted by CyberBotX at 12:11am -0500 on 3-15-2004
If you have been viewing the site in the past few minutes, you've probably been noticing a few errors and such here and there. This is due to my adding a new PHP script that I wrote to the site. The script is reading from GZIPed files. In short, I'm compressing all my images and viewing them through a PHP script now. Why am I doing this? 2 reasons. Reason 1 would be to save myself some space, since I am getting low. Reason 2 would be that this also will lower the amount of people DIRECTLY linking to my images. Reason 2 is accomplished by making it so the PHP script only works when one of the webpages here on uses the script. Anything outside of is basically ignored. Please bear with me as I update all the pages to use this script.
Posted by CyberBotX at 2:04am -0500 on 3-12-2004

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