Archived News for February 2003:
Added: Kirby Running - Bomb.
Posted by CyberbotX at 9:49pm -0500 on 2-25-2003

Added: Kirby Running - Sword.
Posted by CyberbotX at 10:48pm -0500 on 2-25-2003
Alright, so it's been a while since I've updated this site. No, I haven't forgetten about it. :P I've just been busy. Anyways, I created some new Kirby animations, so I modified the layout of the Kirby section to use... PHP! I love PHP. ^_^ It makes this all so easy to do. XD So...

Added: Kirby Running - Ice, Plasma, & Yo-Yo.
Posted by CyberbotX at 9:00am -0500 on 2-21-2003

Well, since I was working on the site anyways, I trimmed the warning at the top a little bit and also fixed a possible bug in the news archive script. I've also gone through and checked some of my code, just because sometimes I really hate how I code things. >.<
Posted by CyberbotX at 9:37pm -0500 on 2-21-2003

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