What I did at Youmacon 2007
Planned Event
What I Really Did
Didn't actually plan on being here this early. :P
Listened to the Spoony Bards (requesting some songs) and got Johnny Yong Bosch's photograph with me prior to when Opening Ceremonies should've started.
Opening Ceremonies
Well, the opening ceremonies were delayed (like the last 2 years), so I decided to just wander around, get pictures, see what was going on, listen to the Spoony Bards, and meet with people.
Nothing planned
Autographs with Wayne Grayson and Michael Sinterniklaas
I did get their autographs (I think my wait was 15-30 minutes) and then listened to the Spoony Bards.
Nothing planned
I believe I just listened to the Spoony Bards for a little bit, then got in line for the concert.
Autographs with Caitlin Glass and Patrick Seitz, Concert: Lemon Demon and Eyeshine
Just like the first year, the concert got delayed. I waited in line for 30 minutes before I decided not to wait any longer and left the line to listen to the Spoony Bards. I also decided not to go get autographs from Caitlin and Patrick only because I didn't have what I wanted in order to get their autographs (which was a copy of the next FMA manga I didn't have so Caitlin could sign it like the last 2 years and a copy of one of my Bleach mangas for Patrick to sign).
Autographs with Lemon Demon and Eyeshine, Anime Hell
Due to the concert's delay, Anime Hell was pushed back to almost midnight, but I did catch the tail end of Eyeshine and waited for Anime Hell, which started at 11:45p. I decided not to get autographs from the bands because I took a seat before Anime Hell and didn't want to lose it.
Midnight Madness
Anime Hell ran till about 1:45a, which only left enough time for them to show one fandub during Midnight Madness. We saw Nescaflowné, a fandub of Vision of Escaflowné.
MST4K (Mystery Science Theater)
It started slightly late (around 9:15a), and I left about 10:45a to go get in line to get autographs from Caitlin Glass and Patrick Seitz. The movie that was shown was "Masters of the Universe" which was a live-action He-Man movie from 1987, and it wasn't even a color version of it (turns out it was just a bad projector as the movie is in color). It seems so cheesy by today's standards, though, which is the mark of a B-movie like it.
Nothing planned
Originally, I had nothing planned, but because of not getting autographs from Caitlin and Patrick the previous night, I decided to do it in the morning (and I was better prepared for their autographs). I got Caitlin to sign a copy of Fullmetal Alchemist volume 5 (which I bought from the Dealer's Room earlier) and I got Patrick to sign Bleach volume 2 (yes, it has Rukia on the cover, and he did something funny to it since it wasn't his character). I then went to listen to the Spoony Bards for a little bit before going back to get in line for what I thought was going to be autographs from Toshifumi Yoshida and Hyper-Strike.
Autographs: Toshifumi Yoshida and Hyper-Strike
Well, it turns out that after waiting the half hour or so to get autographs, it wasn't Toshifumi Yoshida and Hyper-Strike, but rather it was Quinton Flynn and Jeff Nimoy instead. That worked for me, because I didn't have to get their autographs later, and I didn't really know Toshifumi Yoshida or Hyper-Strike enough to really want their autographs, so I got Quinton to sign my Youmacon 2007 program guide's autograph section, and I got Jeff to sign the back cover of Trigun volume 2 (which I bought the previous day from the Dealer's Room), because it had Wolfwood on the back.
Live Action Mario Party
Unfortunatly, Live Action Mario Party started an hour later, at 2:00p, but I stayed in line because some friends of mine from school were there and I told them it would be cool, so I waited it out this time, and talked to people during the wait. When we finally got in there, we sat down, and we were put on Team Hentai (the other teams were Team Magical Girl, Team Ninja, and Team Mecha). Last year, Team Hentai won. I think I started to lose my voice from all the screaming of "Hentai!" I was doing. Since it started late, it was probably going to go on till 4:00p, but I left around 2:55p to go see Iron AMV.
The AMV Wars: Iron AMV
I went to this the last 2 years, had to continue this year. Like last year, being at this meant I missed some other events I would've like to have seen, such as Caitlin's Origami panel or Cosplay Shougi. But it was worth it, even if it did run a little late (started at around 3:25p). It was lots of fun, and I won a DVD of what seems to be a very bad "anime" called "Defenders of Space." It looks bad. I don't know if I want to actually watch it. :P
Nothing planned
Yeah, I had nothing planned for a whole 4 hours. I took the time to go get some food from Papa Romano's Pizza (I ate all the pizza I got, but didn't finish the breadsticks, which was stupid of me). I pretty much listened to the Spoony Bards the entire time, except for talking to others and taking pictures. I was pretty much just biding my time for 10:00p.
Anime Balderdash
Similar to what "Your Favorite Anime Sucks!" the last two years (except by the guys who ran MST4K instead of the guys from Anime Punch), we named off an anime and the guys came up with a completely bogus answer that was hillarious. I had a lot of anime to name off, only because not very many people seemed to be supplying shows for the guys to make fun of. It's kinda sad it was only an hour long, though.
MST4K (Mystery Science Theater)
Yes, MSTing it up again, this time the movie was Scarecrow Slayer (and it was a little delayed to start). Unlike the first one, where the guys who ran the event were the ones to make comments, they opened it up for us to do it instead. The movie seemed pretty bad, and unfortunatly, the event got cut short about half-way through when the projector that was in use was overheating (and we were jokingly saying it was committing suicide over the ultra-bad movie). I left shortly afterwards, because there was nothing else I wanted to see that night. And the time crossover at 1:00a would give me an extra hour of sleep before the next day.
Autographs with Johnny Yong Bosch and Stephanie Sheh
I actually got back to the convention around 9:30a, so I could get in line early. I had no idea the line would be so long for them, though! I waited an hour in line, but it was worth it. I got to talk to people in that hour and it was fun. I got Johnny to sign 2 things (Bleach volume 1 since it had Ichigo on the cover and Trigun volume 1) and I got Stephanie to sign Bleach volume 3 (it had Orihime on it).
Nothing planned
I just listened to the Spoony Bards until I left around 12:30p. I wanted to stay longer to see the panel "So I Get Paid To Say This?" like I had the last two years, but my friends had planned on going Go-Karting the previous week, and it seemed like it would be more fun to do that than to stay at the convention. Besides, that last Sunday is probably a bit on the dull side in comparison to Friday and Saturday. Since I had got my autographs from Quinton and Jeff the previous day, I had nothing to do for that last hour.
Autographs with Quinton Flynn and Jeff Nimoy

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