My Youmacon 2005 Schedule - What I REALLY Went To
Arrived, missed the delayed opening ceremonies, requested songs from the Spoony Bards, played video games.
PANEL: Conning 101 (I actually went to all 3 panels that these guys did, but anyways, they told us the stuff you probably should and shouldn't do at anime conventions, as well as occasionally shameless plugging their own anime convention, Anime Punch in Columbus, OH, March 31 - April 2, 2006, which I've just now shamelessly plugged for them as well. I'm so bad. :P)
Played more video games (Dave's guest meet got delayed by the opening ceremonies being delayed), "snuck" into the guest meet Dave was in on and took a picture and left, played more video games. I tried to buy into the Tetris tournament, but not enough people wanted to pay to do it, so they made it free, and then they couldn't figure out how to get the NES Tetris to be multiplayer.
PANEL: The 'F' Word: Fansubbing (This panel pretty much showed us how fansubbers actually do fansubs, the process and some of the programs used.)
The concert was delayed, so I wondered around, played video games, listend to the Spoony Bards, bought stuff at the Dealer's Room (or maybe I did that during the other wandering around I did before this...).
EVENT: Concert: Kristine Sa & Eyeshine (Awesome, awesome concert. I've never been to a concert before either, but I'm sure a real concert is probably more intense than a small one like this. Kristine Sa has an awesome voice [only wish I knew more of the anime she sung songs from], and Eyeshine was an awesome rock band.)
EVENT: Anime Hell (Lots of crazy ass shit, I personally didn't see a problem with it. <.< Stop looking at me like that.)
EVENT: Midnight Madness (It had Fisting the North Star, Evangelion ReDeath, and S.T.E.A.M., all fansub parodies which were excellent.)
Drove home and slept till the next day, I know it was an anime convention, but I really didn't want to stay awake just to play video games or watch anime, I can do that at home for no cost. >.>
Went back to the convention, didn't bother checking about the Dr. Mario tourament after what happened with Tetris the day before, wandered around and maybe played some video games.
PANEL: Anime Anatomy (Not sure why I actually went to this one, since I can't draw, but the guy running this panel also did the chibi artwork on the badges, which was awesome, but he pretty much showed us things that need to be done when drawing a person to make it look realistic and not crazy-ass deformed or screwy.)
PANEL: Origami to Impress Your Friends (Caitlin Glass showed us how to do Origami, which was awesome, and I started to eventually get ahead of her when she was doing the stuff that was in the little handout she gave us. But nonetheless, it was cool stuff. Eyeshine was in there too but I think they made Caitlin one of the Origami flowers instead of following along.)
PANEL: Webcomics 101 (And this was probably one of the main reasons I came to Youmacon. Dave Anez, author of Bob & George, showing us the steps to a successful webcomic. As an added bonus, anyone in there got to see Sunday's BnG strip before Dave even posted it up for Sunday.)
Unfortunatly, they locked the doors to the Fullmetal Alchemist panel, so I couldn't get in to see any of it. So instead, I chatted with Dave & Liss for a bit. It was kinda nice, talked very little about the comic and a bit about BnG's IRC "adventures," and while I wanted to tell them how I despise DarkMyst with all my non-existant soul, I instead just casually told them I hated it. Oh well, better than nothing. I think I wandered around a bit after that, though.
Since I really had no plans for this hour, I did wandering around again. I did stop by where the Fullmetal Alchemist panel was finishing, and got early autographs from Caitlin Glass & Vic Mignogna, voices of Winry & Edward respectively, and even got a pic of them together. I also ran into Dave & Liss again, talked a little bit more, and even got to be there for the awkward moment of a true "fanboy" of Dave Anez to "talk" to him. :P
PANEL: Gainex (This panel was run by the same guys who did the Conning 101 panel and pitched Anime Punch so much. Originally, I was planning on going to do the Super Mario Kart tournament, then I relized how I'm really not THAT good at SMK, so I went to their panel instead.)
Since I'd already got my autographs from Caitlin & Vic, I wandered around, and listened to the Spoony Bards some more. Also, back to after the Webcomics 101 panel, I overheard Dave saying he was judging Iron Editor. So I did a coin toss to choose between what I'd do next, watch Honey & Clover or see Iron Editor. Iron Editor won, so I needed to bide my time.
EVENT: Iron Editor (This was probably one of the more awesome parts of the convention other than the concert. It was great. Pretty much, we in the audience sat and watched a shitload of AMVs [and had questions asked about the AMVs to win swag] while the 2 guys raced to finish an AMV in 2 hours. Their theme was: AMV most likely to cause a seizure. Their secret ingredient: Care Bears the Movie 2. I managed to only win a lanyard for knowing the SNES Gradius 3 version of the Konami Code.)
PANEL: Your Favorite Anime Sucks! (The last panel done by the same guys from Anime Punch. They would call on people to name an anime and they would find something, ANYTHING they could think of to show that the anime sucks [even if they probably really liked the anime, but that's the gimmick of the panel]. Sad for me, they caught me slightly raising my hand when they asked everyone to put their hands down and then raise them if you had the smallest balls. But it's all cool since they were pretty much making fun of anyone and everyone. I got quite a few of my own picks in too. And for the hell of it, I got 2 of the 3 guys from Anime Punch to sign my program guide.)
PANEL: AMVs Your Mother Warned You About [18+] (Well, I had to show my ID to get in here, heh. I didn't stay for long, though, since, while I have no problem with sickening stuff or nudity in anime, I was damn tired. We DID get to see the videos from the previous night's Hentai Iron Editor, and we got to technically vote on them, even though one of the guys was disqualified for not having the secret ingredient. On a side note, I was talking to someone else who helps run a sci-fi/computing convention here in Detroit, and I'm thinking of going, maybe.)
Again, I went home and slept till the next day. See, I not only wanted sleep, but I needed to shower each day before going too.
PANEL: Autographs: Dave Anez AND EVENT: Fullmetal Fantasy (See, Dave didn't have a lot of people wanting autographs at this point, most likely he already signed a lot of them prior to this point. So, after I got him to autograph an awesome picture I did up [8.5x11 page of NW's character Wubby with a speech bubble I had, and a corner torn off to look like it was chewed off], I went to see Fullmetal Fantasy, which is an awesome original, live-action short film that Vic Mignogna did, featuring himself actually dressed up as Edward Elric and having a bunch of the other voice actors doing their characters too. Vic said he wasn't able to sell it because of the license on FMA, but he did show the film to Funimation, and they are trying to see if Aniplex will stick the film on one of the DVDs for FMA as a bonus piece. That would kick ass.)
PANEL: Bleach (This was an ok panel, mostly just there to talk about the anime and manga. I guess since I'd read most of the manga, there really wasn't much new to get out of it.)
Yeah, I needed to kill time till the next panel, so I went to play some games, I think I got 3rd place on Tetris, then I watched someone else play We Love Katamari until 2:00p, still wondering what the hype was, but somehow thinking it was awesome what he was gathering up. I still don't get it, but my brain works in mysterious ways.
PANEL: So I Get Paid To Say This? (This was where we, the fans, got to ask the voice actors/actresses questions about their job. It sounds like they have freaking awesome jobs, and while I envy them because they get paid to pretty much say lines for an anime, I realize I probably wouldn't be able to do it well because of my throat hurting so much recently. They even got to answer questions for about 45 minutes longer than it was scheduled for. Which was also awesome.)
Closing Ceremonies (Pretty much, they called out all the staff that were in charge of the various teams for the convention, then called up each of the guests. For me, it was mostly photo time.)
I decided not to stay for the feedback part of it, but instead, I got to talking with one of the BnGers, Rob, and going off on tangent after tangent after tangent with him. Around 5:35 or 5:40, we went outside and kept talking, but when I started to talk about how damn cold it was, the wind all of the sudden got really freaking intense, so that was when I left and marked the end of my first convention ever.

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