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If you really want to ask for my permission, either email me, send me an IM via AIM (screen name is CyberBotX2), or go on IRC and see me there.
Additional Note: The enclosed pages contain many animations, all on the same page. A lot of these animations are quite large and will take some time to download. If you are not on a high-speed connection (i.e. dial-up), you might have a wait to view all the animations on the pages. Don't complain to me how long it takes, this site is VERY graphics intensive.

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Recent News!
Well, talk about not having updated in, what, 9 months, and still without an animation? In any case, this update is more of just to talk about things.

Firstly, I was at Youmacon 2007 this year, and I had a blast. Yeah, it's almost 3 weeks late, but I have pictures to show off, better than last year's since I learned how to work my camera. The pictures and where I was (both open in new windows).

Next, while I don't have any new animations (I've been ultra busy with school and other projects on the side), I do have a work-in-progress of a Flash animation I was making in my semi-free time at school. It's Kirby-related, and based partially on The Great Cave Offensive from the Kirby Super Star game. Kirby GCO Flash (this links to the Flash directly and will open in a new window).

Finally, I have an idea to later change some of the site's layout to accommodate things like my programming, so I might have a section of my site devoted to a portfolio and resume. This isn't for sure yet, but it will probably be done sometime in the future. More to come as I decide how I'll do it.

I do want to thank anyone who still comes to my site to check it out even though there have been no updates in forever (and I think it's mainly Ngamer01, but maybe others I don't know about). I hope people will continue to come even with my lack of new things to show.
Posted by CyberBotX at 10:38pm -0500 on 11-21-2007

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Avatar Comic #12 (no longer #11) is only 5 frames done, out of who knows how many. I'm still not sure when I'll be putting up any new animations. But if you really want me to do something, send me an animation request. Maybe it'll kick me into doing something. :P
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