Naram's Youmacon 2007 Photos
Once again, I went to Youmacon in Troy, MI at the Hilton. And once again, the convention was awesome. The only problems I saw were the number of people (there was far too many for the size of the hotel, and luckily, the convention is moving to a larger hotel next year) and events were delayed (I assume because of the number of people, though). Overall, though, I had another awesome time.
This year, the pictures were taken on a digital camera I bought originally for school, but used here as well, a Nikon Coolpix L3. Thanks to my little sister, I found out that the camera has a scene option in addition to it's normal picture mode, which actually takes much nicer pictures, even WITH my unsteady hands. So the pictures this year are actually GOOD as opposed to last year (well, in most cases anyways...). All the pictures are scaled by 30% of their original size to fit on the screen better.

Naram's Youmacon 2007 Photos - Slide 7: Tsukasa (.hack//SIGN)
Naram's Youmacon 2007 Photos - Slide 7: Tsukasa (.hack//SIGN)
Again, another character who was actually a guy but the cosplay is done by a girl. The costume was too well done to not take a picture of, and besides, there were no guys cosplaying as Tsukasa anyways and in .hack//SIGN, you find out that Tsukasa in real life was a girl, so there. Anyways, I took her picture while I was wondering around the Artist's Alley. She was actually one of two Tsukasa cosplayers there, so this is just one of the two people doing the cosplay.


Tsukasa (.hack//SIGN)

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