Naram's Youmacon 2005 Photos
I attended Youmacon 2005 in Detroit, MI (Troy actually, but metropolitan Detroit) on November 11, 2005 (Friday) thru Novemeber 13, 2005 (Sunday). It was my first convention I've ever been to, period. Now, the main reason I went was because of Dave Anez being a guest there when he posted the banner on the Bob & George website. I felt that I had to go, even if I've never been to an anime convention. I'd damn glad I did, because I had such a blast there. They had a few small problems, but I've heard from others who have been to other conventions (including some of the guests) that it was still extremely well run for a first year anime convention. Prior to the convention, I posted a webpage that showed my planned schedule for the convention. Let's just say things didn't go as planned for me, so I am also putting up a list of what I REALLY went to and anything else I did, plus commentary.
Currently, the photos below are only from Saturday and Sunday, as those were only days I had my sister's digital camera to take with me to the convention. She needed it Friday, so I had to use a regular, boring, one-use camera. Thus, I need to go get the pictures developed before I can post them up. There are some good ones with those too. But I'm sure even with digital copies, they won't compare to the digital camera pictures. I've had to shrink the Saturday and Sunday pictures because the digital camera make them freaking huge for a computer screen. Also, anything I scan in will most likely be at the end, if it's not there already. NOTE: Friday's pictures are up, and I had more, but the quality on them was horrific, so I've only posted the ones which are still decent looking They are the first 7 pictures.

Naram's Youmacon 2005 Photos - Slide 33: Iron Editor #2 - Iron Editor Event
Naram's Youmacon 2005 Photos - Slide 33: Iron Editor #2 - Iron Editor Event
Another backside picture, another bad one, but oh well. This was the other Iron Editor. Sadly for him, his version of Premier (which I believe is a program used for video editing, & works well for someone to make AMVs with I guess) kept crashing on him. I heard the night before, at the Hentai Iron Editor event, Premier crashed something like 16 times. Maybe more, maybe less. But it crashed 3 times for him during this one. He didn't get to completely finish his AMV, but he did get what needed to be put in, & the judges voted for him to win, so he won a plaque & has to come to Youmacon 2006 to defend his title.


Iron Editor #2 - Iron Editor Event

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